Are you Ready to Stop Surviving Motherhood and Start Thriving?

The Soaring Mothers Summit on Can Help!

learn the secrets to wake up excited each day from 30 Motherhood experts

In motherhood there is so much to manage and do each day:

Picking up another mess, tackling another laundry pile, fixing another meal, kissing another boo-boo, refereeing another fight, reading another book, teaching another lesson.

It can be easy to get lost in all of the nurturing, problem solving, and homemaking.

You are not alone! And there is a way to stop just surviving motherhood and start soaring.

Create a Life You Love...

...without hiring a babysitter, waiting for the kids to be in school, or having your house completely organized.

Introducing The Soaring Mothers Summit, the free 3 day online event on October 4-6, 2021 that will show you how to stop suffering through the hard mom days, figure out what you want your life to look like, and what systems to put in place to make your vision a reality. It's time to have less surviving and more joy in your life. 

It’s time to bring us moms who are doing our absolute best for our families together and focus on what we need to do to start waking up excited every day.

You'll Learn How To...

Build a strong family culture

End miserable mom days

navigate deception in marriage

Connect with god daily

Be your best self

parent with confidence

Ditch the mom guilt 

Work from home

start habits for a clean home

Teach your kids to work

create simple, delicious meals

Take the stress out of finances

Homeschool with confidence

Make time for your projects

live more simply and naturally

...and so much more!

The Soaring Mothers Summit is Designed to Help You Build a Strong

Foundation For Thriving

The 3 Day Summit focuses each day on one of the three Pillars of Thriving:

Scope: Creating a Vision for your life

Soul: Taking care of Your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical Health

Structure: Automating the necessary and essential tasks of life to make space for more of what you love

See The Full Schedule

SCOPE - Creating a Vision for Your Life

Megan Knorpp
Knorpp and South

Cultivating Genius at home

Brooke Snow
Writer, Speaker, Podcaster

How Christian Meditation Helps You Create A Life You Love

Danielle Bettmann

Positive Parenting Mindset Shifts that Save Your Sanity

Misty Marsh
Designed for Goodness

How to Use Your God-Given Superpower to Make Money and Help People In Online Business 

Preethi B. Harbuck
Local Passport Family

Building an Advocacy-Focused Family Life Through Travel

Kimberly Amici
Family Culture Coach

4 Keys to Creating a Healthy Family Culture 

Laura Farr
The Progress Project

How To Align Your Mind, Body, and Spirit To Feel Like Your Best Self

Sarah Grace
Sarah Grace LIVE

The Victress Journey: The Secret Sauce to Happiness, Freedom, and Thriving in a Gloomy World 

Carrie Carlile
Mom Means Business

Creating Your Path to Success

Sarah Bragg
Surviving Sarah

A Mothers Guide to Raising Herself with Sarah Bragg

SOUL - Taking Care of Your Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Health

Carly Thornock
Intentional House

Finding Meaning in Messes: Fearlessly Learning, Falling, and Rising 

Annie Joy
Confidence Coach

Cultivating Confidence 

April Millar
Dear Darby

How to Know Every Choice You Make is the Right Choice

Hannah Olson

Ditch the Mom Guilt - For GOOD

Michelle Bowler
Waiting Warriors

3 Simple Ways to Free Yourself From Miserable Mom Days

Heather Doney
Healthy Habits with Heather

Live Like You Are Living

Lahana Vigliano, CCN Nuvitru Wellness

Food as Medicine for Hormone Balance

Lisa Andersen
Thriving Motherhood

The Secret To Being a Good Parent

Heidi Kindlespire Hillman
A Lively Hope

Making Time for Daily Creativity

Andrea Giles
Certified Life Coach 

How to Move Forward From Deception In Your Marriage

STRUCTURE - Automating The Essential Tasks of Life to Make More Time For What You Love

Denaye Barahona Ph.D.
Simple Families

Living Simply by Getting Rid of the Clutter

Lisa Bass
Farmhouse On a Boone

Simple Steps to a More Natural Life

Steph Giesbrecht 
The Secret Slob

Daily Routines that Work For You

Whitney Archibald 
How She Moms

Helpers, Workers, and Managers: How She Teaches Kids to Work

Faith Ralphs

Simple Ways to Eat Super Healthy

Hannah Olson
Just Bee

Kitchen Habits that Save Time and Avoid Waste

Nicolette Alger
Money Management Coach

How to Break the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle and Start Building Wealth

Vanessa Hartmann 

Creating Community

Emily McDermott
Blogger, Educator, and Poet

5 Steps to Overcome Overwhelm

What Mothers are Saying about the Soaring Mothers Summit

Phoebe Cook

I just feel like it's a firehose of amazing information and inspiration - in the best way! Every single part of every session has been amazing. I have never participated in something like this that is so spot on applicable in every way. 

What an incredible thing you have put together. I am feeling inspired and refreshed. It is 100% exactly as advertised.

Brittany Graham - happyhomehum

I didn't really know what this summit would be like.  I assumed it would be good...

It is AMAZING! Completely exceeded all of my expectations.  

Arielle Muffler

Thank you for encouraging to really stop and create a vision for myself.  I have started moving forward on the things I wrote down and miracles and blessings are still occurring because of the Soaring Mothers Summit.

Hosted By Jessica Jackson, Thriving in Motherhood Podcast

I believe each one of us has unique gifts and talents that we were meant to use to bless those around us.  We each have a special mission to fulfill. 

Yet it can be so easy to get trapped in the life of the Exhausted Supermom: burnout, victim thinking, being pulled in so many directions, suffering through survival mode, or being lost in motherhood.

That is how my motherhood began, and I was desperate but determined to figure out how to create a life I wanted to live.

And I did.

I never would have guessed that I spend my time podcasting and running a business to help other moms on their journey, homeschool my four kids, and spend afternoons working on projects and adventuring with them.  

We love exploring nature, biking around in our Madsen cargo bike (a bike with a huge bucket on the back that all the kids fit in), reading for hours on end, and going on road trips in our minivan.  

My husband and I figured out how to pull huge loads together instead of feeling isolated in the struggle and I'm grateful to be doing life together with him every day.

And after years of feeling like I thought God would help me in motherhood but I couldn't feel it, I now create my day with Him and see His involvement in my life all day long.

I end the day grateful for all my big wins and the magic moments that fill the hours with my kids and husband.

Getting to this place took years of exploring, researching, vulnerability, grit, and the willingness to learn from the hard experiences life kept throwing at me, time and time again.

But if I can do it so can you.

I want to invite you to walk a different motherhood path.  

A motherhood where you feel empowered to confidently co-create your unique life with God.  

A motherhood where you have energy and time to move forward on your desires and dreams and build a strong family in order to create a fulfilling life that you are excited to wake up to each day and become a Soaring Mother.  

- Jessica 

the soaring mothers summit is brought to you by

The Soaring Mothers Toolkit:

Thriving in Motherhood Planner + Thriving in Motherhood Journal + Simplify to Soar Club

  • Once you sign up a link to access the welcome video and day one of the summit will be emailed to you.
  • Each day will be packed with 10 sessions that align with the pillar of thriving for that day.
  • You can access each days session for 24 hours, and a new session will release each day. 
  • If you want lifetime access to the summit you can grab the all access pass.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to attend the Soaring Mothers Summit?

A ticket to The Soaring Mothers Summit is completely FREE! Your free ticket will earn you 24 hour viewing access to every session.

How exactly does this work?

We will send you an email each day with a special link to summit videos and all the freebies that go along with it. All you have to do is check your email, click on a link, turn up your speakers, and enjoy! 

Where do I watch?

Anywhere you want! One of the best parts about the Soaring Mothers Summit is that you can watch from the comfort of your home! All you need is an internet connection and a device (computer, tablet, or phone). The links to each day’s sessions will be sent straight to your inbox. 

Can I watch this with my friends?

Absolutely!  One of the goals of the summit is that you will connect with your real-life friends about what you learn in each session and support each other as you grow in motherhood together.  Just send them the link to this page so they can stay in the loop with emails too!

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