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Getting to Know You!

Workbook Pages

1. Establishing my Foundation

2. Filling my Bucket

3. Cultivating my Talents

Action Steps

1. We are going to spend some time thinking about what YOU want, so that you can have an accurate measuring stick to use as you navigate this next year. Answer these questions found on the Establishing Your Foundation page in the planner:

-What Brings Joy and Meaning to my Life?

-What Truly Matters Most to Me?

-Pick Three Words that Describe Who You Want to Be Each Day?

2.  What feeds your soul and helps you feel like you?

Brainstorm a list of things that "fill your bucket" or help you feel rejuvenated. These might be things you haven't done in a long time or you might already have it worked into your routine. If you are feeling stuck, keep this page or paper open for the next few weeks and anytime something comes up write it down. This will be something you can reference throughout the year when things get busy or you start to feel lost in the busyness of life.

3. What are your unique gifts and talents?  Things that you are naturally good at or ways that you do things that work well?  How can you capitalize on those and bring it more into how you do motherhood, run your household, and help the people around you?  Ask someone(s) you trust and see what they see in you - often our talents come second nature to us and we don't know they are special! Also look at the resources for more options to help you uncover your strengths!


Personality Assessment

I know there are SO MANY of these, but this has been my favorite and was very insightful. Things that I thought were a weakness that I needed to change are actually just part of my personality. Things that I thought everyone can do are actually unique parts of me. What do you learn about yourself after taking this? What is something you would consider cultivating this year?

Top 5 Strengths

I highly recommend taking this assessment and seeing what your top five strengths are. How can you apply these strengths to your different roles and responsibilities? How could you cultivate and lean into these this year?

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