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Dream Big and Face Your Fears

Workbook Pages

1. Think Long

2. Let Go of My Fears for 2022

3. Building a Strong Family

4. Imagine the Possibilities for 2022

Action Steps

1. Think long. 

Goals are a vehicle to get us where we want to go (so is the Thriving in Motherhood Planner!). Before we start filling up our life with habits, routines, projects, and milestones to reach let's take a moment to determine the destination.

This is where being a creator is so vital. This is why we needed to review the past year and create a blank canvas for the future.

So grab your planner or a piece of paper and write out where you picture yourself 5 years from now.

Once you have a destination in mind, brainstorm what skills or goals would get you closer to this dream? What would be fun or enjoyable for you to work on this year?

What would you need to start doing? Stop doing? Do more of? Do Less of?

2. What's on the other side of fear? Once you have your list of fears/doubts/what's holding you back, now think about what you life will be like one year from now when you lived life beyond the fear? What does it look like? What will you have accomplished? What becomes possible for you when you let go of the fear?

What's holding you back?

As you think about this upcoming year and some of the things you've been dreaming about for your life, what fears come up for you? What about doubts? Where are you feeling resistance? Where is mom guilt creeping in?

It takes some time to be aware of what's holding you back. Keep track of your thoughts and see if you can capture what's happening in your mind. Until we know what our brains are telling us about our goals, dreams, and plans it is challenging to capture why things are hard or why we haven't just done something before.

3. Each family is unique and you have a strong influence on your family's culture.  What things do you want to cultivate with your family this year?  How can you play and have more fun together this year?  This is a space to dream!

4. If you haven't yet, write down any more ideas or possibilities that have come up for you in 2022.  Think of this as a rough draft of your vision - maybe very rough - as you get all your ideas down onto paper.

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