Choose Your Word and Create Your Vision

Workbook Pages

1. Choose Your Word for 2022

2. My Vision for 2022

Action Steps

1. What sticks out to you? You have now worked through almost the entire vision section for 2022!!! The next step is to now read through everything that you've written down and circle/highlight/star what resonates with you the most. Are you noticing themes? What feels most important? Are there things you feel like you need to focus on?

2. Choose your word for 2022. 

After you've reviewed your thoughts and what is resonating with you, it's time to pick your word for 2021! Here is how I like to go about it:

  1. Brainstorm a few words that seem to fit the general theme or focus that is shaping up for my year.

  2. Look up the definitions of the words, relevant scriptures, and origins.

  3. See if any new words have emerged that bring things into greater focus or clarity and work through the scriptures and definitions again.

  4. Select my word for the year!

3. Create your vision! 

This looks different every year for me, and it probably will for you too!

After all of this work you are ready to create your vision for 2022. Maybe it is centered all around your word for the year with goals, habits, and projects. Maybe it is goals in each of the 10 life domains. Maybe it is simply to spend the year exploring and figure out what you love. Maybe it you use pictures to envision what 2022 looks like for you and your family.

Have fun with it!

4. Share your vision

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  1. My words for 2022 are: embrace, nurture, rest.

    I appreciate about this session that it can look different every year- past years I picked a Bible verse or just one word. This year, I have so many themes that I’m ok to embrace (my 1st word) the fact that I’m not one single focus, but a few words which encompasses the big things I journaled about. This was a great process to follow all 5 days!

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