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Reflect and Review

Watch the short video below for suggestions on doing a mid-year review.

Workbook Pages

1.Remember 2021 Pages

2. Reflection on 2021 Pages

Action Steps

Before we  move into the future we need to close the past.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking about things that happened previously in your life and carried it around as a weight or a reason why things are the way they are now? If we don't take time to pause and reflect about the previous year and what we wished would have happened it can be difficult to move forward with confidence (I'm talking about disappointments, not trauma - please get help if you need it!). So today's task is:

  1. Think (and journal for bonus points and effectiveness) about what you hoped would have happened in 2021.  This is to learn more about yourself and learn more about you want and desire, NOT to beat yourself up!
  2. Write out what actually happened in 2021 (on your Remembering 2021 page in your Thriving in Motherhood Planner). I like to record "Things I learned" "Milestones" "Major Challenges" "Projects Accomplished" "Books I read" "Traditions we Started" "Parenting Wins" - you choose or create what makes most sense for your life.  Think of this as a CELEBRATION!
  3. Answer the questions in your vision workbook on Reflecting on 2021 pages. If you don't have the workbook pages yet you can get them here, or start with these prompts:

*What were the two or three major themes that kept recurring?

*What did you accomplish this past year that you are the most proud of?

*What do you feel you should have been acknowledge for but weren't?

*What regrets did you have this past year?

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