You Were Meant for More, You Were

Made to Soar

Soaring Mothers:

  • Use their gifts and talents in their circle of influence and serve those around them
  • Confidently create their days and life with God
  • Live life as an adventure 
  • Enjoy meaningful relationships with family and friends

This course will empower you to create a vision that is unique to you and your family and then bring it to life - one day at a time.  

Develop the skills and systems of the Three Pillars of Thriving with your vision as your guide so that you can truly Soar.

In Made to Soar You Will:

  • Discover the best time to make progress on your goals, do projects, say no to screens, take a rest, clean your house, and connect with your family
  • Uncover the research backed processes for success for creating systems that stick, habits that last, and routines that serve you 
  • Make progress on your projects without hiring a babysitter, sending your kids to school, or skipping an afternoon nap
  • Learn the truth about planning and motherhood 
  • Learn the single most important habit to co-create your life with God
  • Discover the secret to removing resistance in our motherhood and life

  • PLUS Get access to these special bonuses:

    • Create Your Vision Challenge VIP Pass ($97)
    • From Vision to Goals Masterclass ($197)

      -I'm in Survival Mode - now what? Masterclass ($97)
    • Access to Your Next 90 Days Coaching Recordings ($600)
    • Made to Soar Course ($297)
    • Systems and Organization House Tour ($97)
    • Planning with your spouse - how to create a join vision for your life and your week. ($197)

    $2,083 for just $237 (20% off! normal offer of $297)  

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