Day 0: Introduction to the Soaring Mothers Summit

About Day 0: Introduction to the Soaring Mothers Summit

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  1. Great introduction video Jessica! Love the three pillars- vision, soul, and structure.
    80% is getting a vision. I love the thriving in Motherhood planner, 2022 will be my 3rd year using it. I also used the Thriving in Motherhood Journal as well.
    Soul is looking at the entire person. Advocate for ourselves! Get ready for the day. For sure! I always feel better after I shower.
    Structure- not everything is an emergency! I get caught up in this and then things get pushed back. It is exhausting. I am excited to create better systems and routines. One thing I have mom guilt for is reading Matthew a book at night because I am too tired, so I need to find another solution.

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