Caught the vision of the Thriving in Motherhood Journal and Planner, but not completely confident how to get the most out of them?

Introducing Audio Coaching Guides 


Audio coaching through daily, weekly monthly, and quarterly planning sessions.  Just plug in your earphones, grab your planner and a pen and I will guide you through the entire process - over and over again.  

Special introductory pricing only available through Monday May 10, 2021.


There are many questions asked in the Thriving in Motherhood Journal. Understand the why behind each one and how to answer it so it has the most impact on your life. Just plug in your earphones and let her guide you through the journal.

Special introductory pricing only available through Monday May 10, 2021.

Who are the planner coaching guides for?

If you own the Thriving in Motherhood Journal or Planner, then these are absolutely for you!  These are "Plan With Me"  sessions and "Journal With Me" sessions, to guide you through how these tools can work effectively in your own life.  I've coached lots of women through these sessions 1-on-1 and in a group coaching and it is POWERFUL for everyone there.  I wanted to create this experience in an accessible and affordable way for all women.

If you have a journal or planner you love, these can still work for you.  The Planner Coaching Guide is based in the latest productivity and goal setting research and tailored to motherhood, so you can absolutely use it and tailor it to your current planner set up.  The Journal Coaching Guide is based in high performance habits research, positive psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and habits and practices from spiritual leaders and it will inform any journaling or thought work you already do.

What is the format of the audio coaching?

Once you purchase, you will receive and email with audio files to download right to your computer. You will be able to listen to them as much as you'd like and put them on any device you want, just like you would music.

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