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what mothers are saying about made to soar and the next 90 days

The Made to Soar course has had a large positive impact on me and my family. I felt stuck professionally and in motherhood prior to becoming involved in this course. The course gave me a new perspective, action steps, and the motivation and accountability needed to move forward. Jessica does a great job bridging the worlds of scientific research and faith in order to help mothers step into their lives and purpose more fully. 

Mackenzie Schmitt

mom of 3, homeschooler, behavioral Health therapist

 I entered the Made to Sour course frustrated because I wasn't completing the tasks that were most important to me (like working on my new business) and I was unsure what to do in the small pockets of time that popped up during my day.

Jessica showed me how to map my energy so I could determine what made sense in different parts of my day, and also taught me about looping tasks so when it came to automated tasks (such as cleaning) I could pick up right where I left off rather than feeling guilty about everything left undone. The most important thing I learned was to recognize and celebrate all my wins, big or small. I am grateful to Jessica and to the amazing group of ladies I now meet with once a month to track our progress and cheer each other on.

Emily McDermott

Mom of 2, minimalist, poet

As a homeschooling mother of 4 young children who is also running a side-business, this course was a game changer for me!  I truly feel that it has helped me soar higher than I would have on my own. During the past few months I have had greater clarity of where to spend my time.  It's not about "doing it all" but instead being intentional and proactive to live a life that I love and that I'm excited about.  I may not be able to have a clean home, happy kids, and a successful business all the time, but I can put systems in place to be making progress on everything important to me and have confidence I'm spending my energy on the best things right then.

Linsey Jensen

Mom of 4, Homeschooler, Entreprenuer

I have been listening to Jessica's podcast for a few years as well as using the planner, since these had resonated with me I wanted to dive further with this course. This has provided so much more than I ever anticipated. It has helped me hone in on my goals and how to put action plans in place to achieve these. I was able to start systems in my home to help provide more free time as well as mental load to adventuring with my family. Jessica helped provide invaluable teachings as well as when anyone became "stuck" helped guide them to their next step. The friends that I developed during this time with the other women was a such an unexpected gift as well as we held each other accountable. I would 100% recommend taking this course.

Kathryn Heinz

Mom of 2, Nurse

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