Go from barely surviving to feeling like you are thriving – no matter your circumstances.

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Does motherhood feel harder than it needs to be?

After many hard seasons in my own motherhood journey I realized that my thoughts were making the struggles in my life more difficult than they needed to be.

I spent three years researching and practicing how to close the gap between the desperation I felt and what I hoped was possible: a life full of joy, hope, and contentment with God at the center in all seasons of motherhood – especially the ones with great challenges.

The Thriving in Motherhood Journal is the tool that I created to make the simple daily habits needed to have this Thriving Mindset as easy as opening the book and grabbing a pen.

The Pages


Guide to Your Journal

These introductory pages get you started on your journey to improved mental and emotional health and spiritual connection.  A brief explanation of all the sections helps you quickly determine where to focus your energies for the next 90 days.


Self Check-In

You can only improve what you measure.  You can clearly see the effect of your new daily habit of answering key questions by completing monthly self assessments.  The journal begins with a base-line assessment so you can see how far you’ve come and measures your progress month after month.


Weekly Questions

The purpose of the weekly questions is to start your week centered on God with his guidance for your life and determine ahead of time who you will be that week.  It is also a time for reflection on how you can make your life better, build relationships, and think about what you are looking forward to.  


Daily Questions

The purpose of the daily questions are to help you reflect and celebrate the day, practice gratitude, and see the hand of God in your life.  It is also a time to identify and change unhelpful thinking that occurred that day – a key component in having healthy mental health.  It is also a place to plan and prepare for the upcoming day.

Asking the right questions every day is the most effective way to create a life full of Joy, Contentment, Hope and Connection.

When you combine that with the physical act of writing down your answers you increase your Power and Influence.

The Thriving in Motherhood Journal asks questions that help you:
  • Become the master of your thoughts
  • Rewire your brain for positivity and contentment
  • Develop an awareness of God’s involvement in your life and invite his miracles, help, direction, and guidance into your days
  • Gain clarity on where to spend your time and energy
  • Bring joy and enthusiasm into your life
  • Integrate your successes and accomplishments into your identity and see your growth
  • Feel a deeper connection to others Strengthen your family

What Mothers Just Like You Are Saying About the Thriving in Motherhood Journal

"I get to decide who I want to be."

Emily McDermott

"The prompts allow me to focus on the day I want to have and the person I want to be. In the evening I reflect on the gratitude I feel for the day that’s ended and set myself up for tomorrow’s success. My day doesn’t feel complete without writing in my journal!"

"This has changed my life!"


“This journal has helped me to plan ahead, see the positive in each day, have less anxiety, show more gratitude, improve my prayers, communicate better with my Heavenly Father by listening for answers, and manage my time better! I love this journal and am so grateful you created it!”

"My days are more intentional and meaningful."

Andrea Seaver

"If you have the planner (or even if you don’t) and you haven’t bought the journal you really should. I LOVE how these two tools work together to make my days more intentional and meaningful. Using them together has been life changing.”"

"This journal has been a source of sanity in a chaotic time of life!"

Megan Dilworth

“I’ve been able to find the positive in even the hardest days and keep perspective when things were tough and celebrate when things were going well! This journal has even helped fend off oncoming depression by keeping me focused on the things I can have control over and identify the cognitive distortions to help keep them at bay. ”

Frequently Asked Questions

How many months are in the Thriving in Motherhood Journal?

The journal covers 90 days, or 3 months.  They are completely undated so you can go at your own pace as life allows

Will this really help me in my life?

YES! If you are barely making it this will help you hold on through a hard season.  If you are doing great this will help you keep your priorities in balance and do the things that matter most and live congruently with who you want to be.  If you are somewhere in between it will help you move along the path from surviving to thriving. The journal was designed with research from positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and high performance habits to help you live intentionally and take responsibility for your mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Created By Jessica Jackson

Jessica Jackson is the host of the Thriving in Motherhood Podcast and creator of the Thriving in Motherhood Planner and Journal.  After spending years cycling between extreme survival mode from difficult pregnancies and unexpected health challenges and truly thriving, she created a tool to help her have an optimistic and joyful outlook with God at the center of her life even in the hardest of circumstances.

She spent years researching positive psychology, high performance habits, cognitive behavioral therapy, and collecting wisdom from spiritual leaders.   The Thriving in Motherhood Journal is the product of that research and testing and it WORKS.  With another hard year under her belt, Jessica knows asking these key questions each morning and evening truly makes all the difference in living a life of joy in the midst of struggle.

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