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Invite a friend (or friends!) to watch the summit with you so you can share your discoveries and take action together. 

Text or email this to your friends:  “I just signed up for the Soaring Mothers Summit and I thought you might be interested in it too.  There are 30 sessions covering all different topics relating to motherhood and I'd love to chat about them (book club style!) with you when it starts Oct 4-6, 2021.  It's free - here's the link to sign up:


We've created an exclusive Facebook group for the Soaring Mothers Summit! Inside the group you'll get to meet and interact with the other attendees, participate in awesome giveaways, share your break-throughs and big wins, ask questions, and interact with me on facebook lives.  Don't be shy, come on in and introduce yourself! 

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I will be sending a few emails so we can get to know each other better as well as details about the Soaring Mothers Summit.

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