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Create Your Vision for 2022 

Join the FREE 5 Day Challenge to have a completed vision for 2022 that will help you get clarity and direction on what you want to do and who you want to become next year.

Manage Your Home and Have Time for the Things You Want to Do

Create a Life You Love with the

2022 Thriving in Motherhood Planner

Are you in a hard season of motherhood?

Learn how to navigate your days without the suffering and start living with hope and God's help.

Are you struggling through your days?

I began motherhood with hopes and dreams that I could navigate my days confidently with purpose, live intentionally, find joy and contentment in everyday life, and have God’s help and strength in this lifelong journey. 


  • I was in complete survival mode
  • I felt guilty a lot of the time
  • I had no clue what my days should look like
  • I was snappy and irritable with my family
  • I wandered aimlessly around the house

Can you relate?

The good news - I closed the gap between what I hoped was possible and my reality.

 And you can too.

From Surviving to Thriving to Soaring

  • Surviving
    "I'm never going to sleep again."  "I'm just supporting everyone else." "I don't know who I am anymore." "I should be...."  "I can't do things for me until the house is under control." "I'm so bored."  "I don't even remember what I like."
  • Thriving
    "It's hard, but I'm growing!" "I have routines that are working!"  "I'm seeing progress!"  "I'm discovering what I love." "I'm starting to see the fruit of my labors."  "I have hope."  "I know what matters to me."  "I see my next steps."
  • Soaring
    "Today is an adventure!"  "I'm confident and using my gifts to bless others."  "I'm grateful for the meaningful relationships in my life." "I am enough."  "It's who I am, not what I do." "I know God is with me, meeting me where I'm at and lifting me higher." "I don't have to suffer through my days - I have tools!" 

Your Plan to Becoming a Soaring Mother



Create Your Vision

Gain clarity on how you want to experience motherhood so you can live your days creating a life you love.



Develop a Thriving Mindset

Change how you experience your life no matter the season of motherhood you are in.



Build Your Foundation

Develop the skills and systems of the Three Pillars of Thriving with your vision as your guide so that you can truly Soar.

You can completely change how you experience motherhood.

Hey there! I'm Jessica Jackson.

I'm a mother to four kids who was determined to not only enjoy motherhood, but get the most out of this season of life.

It took lots of research, reading loads of books, taking courses, going to therapy, learning new skills, and interviewing more than a hundred mothers to go from surviving to thriving to soaring.

I've been sharing my journey on the Thriving in Motherhood Podcast since 2018 and it has evolved into tools and frameworks to simplify the process for other mothers develop their own vision and create lives that they love.

Where ever you are on your journey, there is space for you here. Come join thousands of other mothers who are on their way to Soaring.  

We need each other.

We need you.

Remember, you were meant for more - you were made to Soar.

Wondering when you'll have time to do this?

I can help with that too.

Get the free Masterclass: How to Build a Strong Family and Move Forward on Your Greatest Goals.

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