Completely Change How You Experience Motherhood

Live a life full of joy, hope, and contentment with God at the center in all seasons of motherhood – especially the really hard ones - with the Thriving in Motherhood Journal.

Connect with God

Build a Meaningful Life

Celebrate Wins

Change Your Thoughts

Are you making motherhood harder than it needs to be?

Do you end the day thinking about all that didn't go well or get done?

Do you believe God wants to help but can't see His involvement in your day to day life?

Do you feel like every day is the same - same messes, same challenges, same fights?

Do you struggle with mom guilt?

Do you suffer through survival mode?

There Is So Much Hope!

You Are Not Alone!

It doesn't have to be this way for one more day!

The Thriving in Motherhood Journal

In motherhood there is so much you don't have control over.  

The Thriving in Motherhood Journal is designed to help you focus on what you can control - YOU!

Asking the right questions daily is the most effective way to change how you experience motherhood, which changes how you show up for your family.

When you combine that with the physical act of writing down your answers, you begin to feel the difference on day one.

Close the gap between what you hoped motherhood could be - full of joy, meaning, and connection - and what it currently feels like so you can bring the best of yourself to your roles as wife, mother, friend, sister, etc.

what Mothers are saying About the Thriving in Motherhood Journal


This journal has helped me to plan ahead, see the positive in each day, have less anxiety, show more gratitude, improve my prayers, communicate better with my Heavenly Father by listening for answers, and manage my time better! I love this journal and am so grateful you created it!

Kellie King


The journal provides a sacred place for me to connect with God's will in a way that leads to action. It flawlessly guides me to build a life that is meaningful instead of being soaked dry by tasks that have little value. Changing my thought patterns and consciously deciding what I allow to be on the stage of my mind put the power back in my own hands. 

Carlie Ni


When I answer the questions in the journal, I’ve been able to find the positive in even the hardest days. It helps me keep perspective when things were tough and celebrate when things were going well! This journal has even helped fend off oncoming depression by keeping me focused on the things I can have control over. This journal has been a source of sanity in a chaotic time of life.

Megan Dilworth

Look Inside the Thriving In Motherhood Journal

A 90 Day, undated journal to use when you need it, guilt free.

Daily and Weekly questions change the focus of your day, which changes how you experience your life.

Answer all the questions, or pick and choose based on where you want to focus your own growth - it is a tool to support YOU, not be another to-do. 

Click through below to see the different sections:

Ask God

This section provides a sacred place to connect with God in a way that leads to action.


This section makes it simple to  focus on the most important work, instead of endless to-dos.


This section prepares you emotionally and spiritually for the day. It guides you to build a meaningful life.


This section ends (or starts!) the day with celebration, recognition of the good, and gratitude.


This section helps you become aware of your thoughts and choose ones that serve you.

Daily and Weekly Pages

Weekly Questions

Daily Questions

Meet Jessica Jackson

Creator of the Thriving in Motherhood Journal

I began motherhood with hopes and dreams that I could navigate my days confidently with purpose, live intentionally, find joy and contentment in everyday life, and have God’s help and strength in this lifelong journey.

The reality of those first few years was that I was in complete survival mode, I felt guilty a lot of the time, I had no clue what my days should look like, and I was snappy and irritable with my family.  I was lost, overwhelmed, and desperate a lot of the time.

After my third baby was born I decided it was time to stop suffering through survival mode and close the gap between my reality and my hopes.

I compiled the years of research I had done in high performance habits, positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and scripture into a series of questions I could ask myself daily.

I was amazed at how immediately the focus of my day change from feeling like a victim to actually enjoy the amazing life I had created with my husband.

Even with another cross country move and physically difficult pregnancy that followed, I've been able to navigate these seasons will joy and purpose with the Thriving in Motherhood Journal.

Wherever you are in your motherhood journey, I'm glad you are here!

Stop surviving your days!

Experience Joy and Meaning in Your Motherhood and Show up as Your Best Self

Frequently asked questions

How many months are in the Thriving in Motherhood Journal?

The journal covers 90 days, or 3 months.  They are completely undated so you can go at your own pace as life allows.  The effects of using it even a few days a week will be noticeable.

Will this really help me?

YES! If you are barely making it this will help you hold on through a hard season.  If you are doing great this will help you keep your priorities in balance and do the things that matter most and live congruently with who you want to be.  If you are somewhere in between it will help you move along the path from surviving to thriving. The journal was designed with research from positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and high performance habits to help you live intentionally and take responsibility for your mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

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