Create a Home That Supports You

Make more time for what you and your family love by creating simple systems that keep your home running smoothly - one baby step at a time.

Simplify To Soar Club

We don't need to wait to start living our lives until our homes are perfect.  Listen to a 10 minute audio lesson each month and focus on one simple task.  Spend the next year creating a home that supports you while still living your life, developing your gifts and talents, and being present with the people you love most. It is time to start Soaring.

Overcome overwhelm

Do you wander around your home, stress levels rising as you see the mess that surrounds you and wonder where to start?  Simplify to Soar Club gives you direction so you know exactly where to focus your time.

Build momentum

This isn't one mega cleaning session to have your house clean for .04 seconds.  You will work in small pockets of time, building momentum and seeing progress in your home in the context of your already full life.

Celebrate progress

Every month we pause and celebrate the progress you make in  your home - which means you are enjoying your success all year long, not just when you reach the finish line. It's all about the adventure of the journey here.

Here’s what people are saying about Simplify to Soar Club

"Meaningful and lasting change!"

"This is so good Jessica! I've tried to do these things before but without setting an intention before and without the "why" I quickly ignore the time limits and my notifications pile up. This time, I'm going to set my sights on my goal, to "SOAR!". The laundry system alone has given me hours back in my week!

PHoebe Cook
"I'm not overwhelmed and save so much time!"

"I am so grateful Jessica shared her simplify to soar club tips! Her confidence in her simple tips inspired me to implement them in my home and it has changed my life! Thank you Jessica for sharing your knowledge and helping me take more control of my life! It feels so good!"

Kristen ruesch


One 10 minute audio lesson each month, with one simple task to create a home that supports YOU instead of you supporting your home.


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Simplify Your Space


Simplify Your Meals


Simplify Your Floors


Simplify Your Toy Storage


Simplify Your Kitchen Clean Up


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Simplify Your Laundry


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Simplify Your Surfaces

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I Created Some Extra Bonuses For You!

Every family and kitchen is different, but sometimes it helps to get an idea of what is working for one family as a jumping off point in coming up with your own systems.  Join us for a typical morning to see how the kids and I get our entire kitchen reset in 10 minutes.

If you want kids (or yourself) to be able to quickly put away toys and the day's activities from family living spaces, how we set up the room matters.  In this video I share how we have used the principles of environment design to make it not overwhelming to tidy up at the end of the day.

We live in a home without a basement or obvious storage space, so I've had to learn how to use what we do have effectively.  Organizing closets is not a skill that comes naturally to me, so in this video I will share all of the things I've learned and things we've tried to create budget storage solutions that work.

What is SOARING?

I stood loading the dishwasher one night after a full day with all four kids feeling completely overwhelmed with our house.

Clothes, toys, papers, projects, diapers, and food were strewn everywhere.  The counters were covered with dishes, books, mail, and who-knows-what else. I had no clue that last time the bathrooms had been cleaned and it showed.

I continued my dishwasher loading efforts while praying, pouring out all of my frustrations to God.  

In response I had one phrase pop into my mind: Soaring Mother.

A Soaring Mother Serves others and uses her gifts and talents in her circle of influence.

A Soaring Mother seeks to be Obedient to God, deeply connecting with Him and acting on the ideas and promptings that she receives as she co-creates her life with Him.

A Soaring Mother approaches life as a grand Adventure and embraces the journey of learning. She also makes adventuring and creating memories a priority with her family - whether by reading good stories together or leaving the house.

A Soaring Mother enjoys meaningful Relationships with friends and family.

As I pondered that phrase more meaning started to flow and Soar became an acronym: Serve, Obey, Adventure, Relationships.

In that moment I realized that God was trying to help me look past the house and the daily work and instead see who and what  the house was for.

It was a place to support me, a Soaring Mother, and my family so we all had a place where we could learn and grow and become who we were meant to be and do what we were meant to do together.

With that vision of who I was becoming in mind, I went back to my understanding of behavior and habit formation to create Simplify to Soar Club.  

I needed to slowly build up the habits and systems that it takes to run a household smoothly.  I pictured myself spinning a dozen plates. Each one gets started with the full focus of the plate spinner until it is steady enough to start the next one.

I didn’t have loads of extra time or energy in my day, but I could focus on one tiny system or habit in our home each month until all the plates were spinning, and then go back and fine tune any wobbles as our family dynamics changed.

It didn’t seem like much at first, but one year later and the change in our household is night and day.

I'm a homeschooling mom with four young children, running a business in the cracks of my day, and working on lots of house projects. 

If I can create a home that runs smoothly (when NONE of this came naturally to me!!) - you absolutely can to!

Welcome to the Club!

Jessica Jackson

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