Meal planning helps us keep a reasonable food budget, reduce dinner-time stress, and store up a few extra meals to bail us out on a busy night.  I plan a few different types of meals each week to help keep a realistic schedule and feed our family with good, nourishing meals. I also include my tips for when I make meals and how I keep stocked up on homemade snacks.

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My Meal Planning Guidelines

Each week I plan a pizza night, a meal I can double and freeze (like veggie burgers), a quick and easy meal (quesadillas, pasta, stir fry), a breakfast-for-dinner (pancakes, french toast, crepes, waffles), ONE new recipe to try, and the rest from our family favorites (usually a instapot or crock pot option).

I also plan a snack that I can make a big batch of to last us for two or more weeks (muffins to freeze, granola, hummus, crackers).

Simplicity Parenting  for suggestions on how to make meal planning simple with a theme for each night (soup night, salad night, etc)

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