Create A Life You Love

The Thriving in Motherhood Planner is the most effective way to avoid burnout and losing yourself in motherhood and instead get clarity on what you want and what your next steps are so that you can make massive progress in small pockets of time on the things that matter to you and still have your family be the focus of your day.

Banish Overwhelm

Be Present

Celebrate Success

Build Momentum

Have you ever tried planning to "get organized" but gave up because:

  • You didn't write or look at it for a few days, then weeks, and you felt so guilty for buying it that it ended up in the back of your closet?
  • You were adding more things to your to-do list than you were crossing off
  • You would try to schedule your day but you couldn't think of anything to do or where to be?
  • The planner felt like another to-do and you didn't want it to be your hobby?
  • You're a spontaneous person and the structure doesn't fit your personality?
  • When you did write out a schedule something came up with your kids (napped too long, were sick, took longer than expected to get dressed and out the door, got distracted watching bugs) and you wondered what was the point?

You are not alone! 

2024 Thriving in Motherhood Planner

It's time to start loving your motherhood.

You are the perfect mom for your kids with a unique mission in this life.  You’ve just been buried in to-do’s, overwhelm, and comparison.

I’m ready to help you get on a better path - one that leads to peace and confidence in your unique life!

A Planner to Help You Wake Up Excited Each Day

Clear Vision

Figure out what you want your motherhood - and life - to look like so you know what matters to you. You are empowered to create a life you want to live.

Built in Flexibility

This planner was designed for moms who know that interruptions and changing schedules need to be planned for, so no more transferring your to-dos from day to day or crossing out schedules.

Know What's Next

Know at every point in your day what the most important thing for you to be doing so that you can be making progress on things that matter and still be fully present with your family.

Guaranteed Progress

Follow the Thriving in Motherhood Planner’s research-based system so that you can make progress no matter the season of motherhood you are in.

A planner without the guilt!

I'm not a "planner" person, but I've been using the Thriving in Motherhood Planner for 3 years now because it doesn't matter if I don't look at it every day or set it down for a few weeks. Just knowing what my vision is each year helps me make progress on things that matter to me in my life, and the monthly reviews help me see that it is becoming a reality.

Madeline Casey

A Planner Based in Research and 

Designed for Real Motherhood

With this simple system, creating a life you love is as easy as opening your planner and grabbing a pen.

Start with vision

Your vision for the year is your WHAT and WHY.  It doesn't have to be fancy - nailing the laundry system, weekly date nights, decluttering, or nature fridays totally count.

Plan Your Weeks, NOt Days

While it's nearly impossible to get everything done in a day, you can make a lot of progress in a week.  There is room for sick kids and unplanned park trips and checking off to-dos.

Weekly Big 3

How do you make your vision a reality? Pick three baby steps each week to make progress on your vision.  This progress creates momentum, energy, and enthusiasm for life.


Each month write down all you've discovered, learned, accomplished, places you've gone, and things you've done with your family. This reality check stops the lie, "All I do is....", and helps you see your beautiful life more clearly.

Quarterly Reviews

It is nearly impossible to predict what life will look like three months from now.  Which is why every 90 days you pause and look at your life and vision and see what you've done, and what your priority is now.

Context Based to-dos

Instead of never-ending to-do lists, write your tasks based on where you do them.  Then when you need to get out of the house, glance at your errands list and you are set to go! Or if it's quiet, look at your computer or phone list.

With bonus video planner walk through, create your vision audio coaching, audio planning guides, a community of intentional mothers, and our optional Made to Soar program, the Thriving in Motherhood Planner is the most powerful tool for your success in creating a life you love that is unique to you and your family.

What Mothers Are Saying About the Thriving in Motherhood Planner

Helped Me Organize - EVERYTHING!

Whether my goal is big or small, I now know how to focus on the next step and break things down into small, manageable, and consistent actions. This year I've been consistent with my habits, homeschooling, and launched my business.

Makenzie SchmiTT

I Am A Better Mother

This has made me a better mother and wife since I am not overwhelmed, frazzled and stressed out by everything. I've been able to declutter my home, work on memory projects, and improve my health while still adventuring with my family and working full time.

Kathryn Heinz

A More Intentional Parent

The Thriving in Motherhood Planner has helped me be more intentional in my parenting and in how I spend my days. My son loves to see me write in what we are going to do together each day. I love that I see the progress that I’m making.

Mary caplin

Carli Ni

"After a year and a half of using the planner I am more intentional and more connected with God, myself, and my family." 

Kendra Haws

"Being a student of motherhood, Jessica is continually creating tools that keep real mothering in mind. She's open to so many possibilities and keeps this planner accessible for the varieties we present. I love how this planner grounds me and keeps me going through the hard times. It has seriously become a good friend to me because it is very supportive. I love my planner and have recommended it to so many!" 

Louise O'Neil

"I love my new Thriving in Motherhood Planner! The content is well-thought-out and it's going to be perfect for my goal-planning and everyday use. The things that stand out to me are the extensive vision section that starts out the year and the weekly pages that have separate sections for each area of my life. Especially important is the Big Three section at the top for every week. I just discovered this planner midway through the year so I'm looking forward to a productive finish and can't wait to see the new planners for next year. 

Kathryn Heinz

"If you are on the fence about purchasing it is 110% worth it. You will finally have a place to put your dreams, thoughts, plans and mom brain items then have it all make sense." 

Cierra Atanasio

"The Thriving in Motherhood planner has really given me direction in my life and able to not just focus on the monotony of day to day life. I recommend everyone get it." 

Genevieve Larkoski

"The planner has helped us to create family rhythms and allowed me to accomplish larger goals. The quarterly check ins help me stay rooted and focused. This planner is perfect for every season of motherhood." 

The Pages

A Layout to Match Your Lifestyle

Pick between the Weekly or Hourly version of the 2024 Thriving in Motherhood Planner.

They both include a weekly big three, context based to-dos, habit tracking, meal planning, and daily to-dos.

The Weekly Layout has a small space for daily appointments which is perfect for most moms with young children without lots of scheduled events each day and families that rely on daily rhythms and routines to guide the day. 

The Hourly Layout has a time grid for the week and works well if you have lots of scheduled events in your week or are a big fan of time blocking.

Thriving in Motherhood Planner Walk Through

Meet Jessica Jackson

When Jessica Jackson first became a mom she stopped using a planner entirely and she found herself directionless. When she had pockets of time and was ready to make progress on something she didn’t know what to do.  When she would sit on the floor with her kids and try to play with them her mind would keep racing and she wasn’t really present with them.  She felt like she was missing out on their childhood while she was sitting in the same room.

She spent four years learning about productivity, high performance habits, leadership principles and used that to inform her planning system that is now the Thriving in Motherhood Planner.

She now has a home for all her thoughts and can be present with her family.  She sees the progress and growth that is happening in her everyday life. She now has enthusiasm, joy and energy for life and motherhood as she seeks to build a strong family and move forward on the mission that she is intended to live and fulfill.

Jessica is grateful to be able to bring this powerful tool to mothers everywhere.

Gives Me Space to Dream Big AND Take the Small Steps to Get There

This planner is a game changer. As a homeschooling mom of 4 and running a small business on the side, this planner helps me stay focused on all of the important things.  The monthly pages help me see what I've accomplished and think about the month ahead to figure out what is important to me.  The context-based to-dos help me track all of the little things and makes sure I'm not dropping anything.  The Think and Process pages are where I keep all my random thoughts and ideas and notes. I am confident in how I spend my time and energy each day.

The best part - we hit survival mode for 9 months and I had to set all of my projects down.  Because of the Thriving in Motherhood Planner I was able to jump right back into my business goals with no time wasted once we entered a new season.

Linsey Jensen

The Thriving in Motherhood Planner is For You If You Are Ready To:

  • Find clarity on what matters to you
  • Use your small pockets of time to make progress on your goals
  • Recognize and celebrate your growth – because THRIVING is all about GROWING
  • Put all your ideas, plans, and dreams into an organized place
  • Create balance throughout the year
  • Build a strong family
  • Live out your personal mission in life
  • Find yourself in motherhood
  • Create a life you love

    Have Peace and Confidence Living Your Unique Life

    Wondering if the Thriving in Motherhood Planner is Worth It?

    For less than $1 a week you have a tool that will guide you through making your goals and dreams a reality in 2024.

    Mothers around the world have been making things that matter most to them happen with the Thriving in Motherhood Planner since 2019.

    You can be part of the Soaring Mothers Movement in 2024. I can’t wait to see what life you create for yourself and your family.

    "This planner was way more than I wanted to spend. But I really needed help balancing my life.  I realized it was cheaper than a therapy session, cheaper than a gym membership, cheaper than anti-depressants. I bought the planner and it has made the biggest difference. I no longer feel like I'm floundering all the time and I'm actually making progress in all areas of my life."


    Frequently asked questions

    Who Is This Planner For?

    Moms who stay at home full time

    Moms who work from home

    Moms who work outside the home

    Moms who are homeschooling

    Moms with kids in public school

    Moms in survival mode

    Moms with a business or side hustle

    Moms with a passion project

    Moms who are bored 

    Who Is the Planner Not For?

    The planner mentions God and invites you to include Him in your planning process and in creating your days - so if you are bothered by mentions of faith, this isn’t a good fit.

    What's the Difference Between the Weekly and Hourly Layout?

    Everything is exactly the same except for the layout of the weekly spread.  

    The Weekly Layout has a small space for daily appointments and daily to-dos, which is perfect for most moms with young children without lots of scheduled events each day and families that rely on daily rhythms and routines to guide the day. 

    The Hourly Layout has a time grid for the week and works well if you have lots of scheduled events in your week or are a big fan of time blocking.

    What Exactly Do I Get With the Planner?

    You get a physical 2024 Thriving in Motherhood Planner shipped to your door.  You also get the following digital bonuses immediately upon purchase:

    *Create Your Vision Mini Course

    *Meet Your Planner Video Walkthrough

    *2023 Thriving in Motherhood Planner October - December

    *Podcast List of Episodes Related to the Planner

    *5 Planner Hacks For Moms Masterclass

    What is the size of the planner?

    328 pages, 7.5″x9.25″

    Is the Planner Coiled?

    The planner come perfect bound (no coil) and moms have been using it that way with great success for a number of years.  If you want it to lay flat completely, you can add a coil at a office depot or a local printshop for around $5.

    We are going to do a bulk order of the planner this year and coil them and ship them to you.  Place your order before October 8, 2023 to receive your Thriving in Motherhood Planner coil bound.

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