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The Thriving in Motherhood Planner is the most effective and simplest way to live an intentional life. Get rid of the guilt and the overwhelm and embrace the joy and growth in every season of life.

In motherhood there is so much you
don’t have control over.

This planner is about being intentional with your time and energy so you can build a strong family and move forward on your goals. It is a powerful tool to get rid of the overwhelm and guilt and instead focus on your growth and living your personal mission – which is what THRIVING is all about!

Grab your 2021 Thriving in Motherhood
Planner Today!

The Thriving in Motherhood Planner is
For You If You are Ready To

  • Find clarity on what matters to you
  • Use your small pockets of time to make progress on your goals
  • Recognize and celebrate your growth – because THRIVING is all about GROWING
  • Put all your ideas, plans, and dreams into an organized place
  • Create balance throughout the year
  • Build a strong family
  • Live out your personal mission in life
  • Find yourself in motherhood

The Pages

The Thriving in Motherhood Planner makes living an intentional life SIMPLE.  It is designed with the latest productivity research and make essential processes as simple as open and go.  It is your tool to guide you through recognizing, celebrating, and encouraging growth on your own journey.

Guide to Your Planner

These introductory pages get you started on your journey.  This planner can do so much more than manage to-dos – it is an entire life system.  It is SIMPLE – open and go! -, but included here is an overview of how everything goes together as well as some tips and tricks.

My Vision for the Year

Gain clarity with where you are at and where you are headed so you can build a life you truly love with the Creating Your Vision pages. 

Goals Planning

Plan your goals out each quarter based on the vision you created at the beginning of the year to fit your current season of life.

Quarterly Planning

Plan your goals out each quarter based on the vision you created at the beginning of the year to fit your current season of life.

Monthly Calendars

Keep track of your appointments and scheduled events on the monthly calendar pages.

Monthly Review and Planning

Easily notice and acknowledge your progress and growth with the Monthly Review pages. This is a magic spread that will help you SEE your progress even if you don’t feel it. At the beginning of the month this is a place to plan out your focus for the month, determine your projects and goals, brain dump nagging tasks, and give thought ahead of time to self care activities that will be most impactful for you. As the month progresses it is time to celebrate! Record things you discovered and accomplished, remember adventures you went on, take note of things you did with or for your family, and list books you read.

Weekly Pages

Keep track of all the needs of running a household AND your big projects and goals in the weekly pages. This is a place to write out your meal plan, choose your Big 3 priorities for the week, write down to-dos, manage appointments, track your daily goals, and see your focus for the month.

Think and Process Pages

Capture all of your thoughts, ideas, and important information in one place with the Weekly Think and Process pages. This is your space to use however you need.  Take notes from a class, write down gratitude or affirmations, record addresses and phone numbers, write down measurements, plan shopping lists, brain dump or mind map – the sky’s the limit!

Quarterly Review

Review how things are going and what you need to focus on next in the Quarterly Review Pages. Every three months you get to sit down and review your life and determine what’s going well and what needs to change. This is also a time to evaluate your vision and goal for the year and determine what is relevant and what you want to work on for the upcoming quarter. You’ll also do a life assessment that you can use to see your progress throughout the year. 

2022 Looking Ahead

Keep track of upcoming ideas and appointments for the new year in the looking ahead pages. As the next year approaches ideas and appointments will start to appear. Use this space to keep track of future dates and information that you will need for the upcoming year.

Grab your 2021 Thriving in Motherhood
Planner Today!

Which Version of the Planner is Right for You?

Weekly Spread

Hourly Spread

Annie McBride

“The Thriving in Motherhood Planner was a lifeline for me during the onset of the covid pandemic. It enabled me to focus on what was within my control with the help of this incredibly versatile tool.

Then I transitioned from stay-at-home-mom to full-time-student-and-mom, and the planner transitioned right with me, helping me keep track of school responsibilities as well as family pursuits.”

Emily McDermott

“The Thriving in Motherhood Planner is an integral part of my day. Anytime I feel distracted, I get out my planner, do my brain dump and feel instantly better!”

Kathryn Heinz

“I absolutely love the planner, and to be honest this is the first official planner I have used since college (now in my mid 30s). It has given me focus and clarity. This has made me a better mother and wife since I am not overwhelmed, frazzled and stressed out by everything.”

Mary Caplin

“The Thriving in Motherhood Planner has helped me be more intentional in my parenting and in how I spend my days. I love that I see the progress that I’m making.”

Camille Hicken

“I have come to a realization that without planning, I accomplish nothing. My dreams and goals only happen when I take the time to sit down and plan them. The Thriving in Motherhood planner has been a wonderful tool to help me and my family make our dreams happen!”

Created By Jessica Jackson

Jessica Jackson is the host of the Thriving in Motherhood Podcast and creator of the Thriving in Motherhood Planner and Journal.  When Jessica first became a mom she stopped using a planner entirely and she found herself directionless. When she had pockets of time and was ready to make progress on something she didn’t know what to do.  When she would sit on the floor with her kids and try to play with them her mind would keep racing and she wasn’t really present with them.  She felt like she was missing out on their childhood while she was sitting in the same room.

She spent four years learning about productivity, high performance habits, leadership principles and used that to inform her planning system that is now the Thriving in Motherhood Planner.

She now has a home for all her thoughts.  She sees the progress and growth that is happening in her everyday life. She now has enthusiasm, joy and energy for life and motherhood as she seeks to build a strong family and move forward on the mission that she is intended to live and fulfill.

Jessica is grateful to be able to bring this powerful planner to mothers everywhere.

Grab your 2021 Thriving in Motherhood
Planner Today!

Wondering if the Thriving in Motherhood Planner is Worth It?

For less than $1 a week you have a tool that will guide you through making your goals and dreams a reality in 2021.

Mothers around the world have been making things that matter most to them happen with the Thriving in Motherhood Planner since 2019.

You can be part of the Thriving in Motherhood Movement in 2021. I can’t wait to see what life you create for yourself and your family.

Inside you’ll find:
  • The proven process that makes living intentionally simple
  • Quick Start Guide to teach you how to get the most out of your planner
  • Creating your Vision for 2020 to help you create a life that you love in the season you are in
  • Goals and Habits Tracking to see your goals for the year in one place
  • Quarterly Planning so you can do big picture thinking and create balance throughout the year12 Month Calendar (Jan 2021 – December 2021) to keep track of appointments
  • Monthly Review Pages, Project and Self-care Planning so you can see your progress and growth
  • Weekly Spreads (for Jan 2021-Dec 2021) include daily appointments and to-dos, weekly meal plans, and context based to-do lists for the week.  There are TWO layout options.
  • Weekly Think and Process Pages to capture all of the information and ideas that need a place
  • Quarterly Reviews to review, clarify, and plan for the upcoming quarter and assess goals
  • Looking ahead to 2022 Ideas and appointment pages and 2022 Calendar at a glance
  • 329 pages, 7.5″x9.25″
  • BONUS: Create Your Vision Course and Meet Your Planner Video

Grab your 2021 Thriving in Motherhood
Planner Today!


Is the Planner Coiled?

I coiled and shipped the planners with my children last year and we had fun, but this year I need to focus my efforts on what will have the most impact on you thriving and on my family. It comes perfect bound (which is how I used the planner for the entirety of 2019 and loved it – super durable) and ready to use.

What if I really want it coiled?

It is easy to do and inexpensive too! I recommend heading to an Office Max or FedEx who will chop off the binding and add a coil for around $6. If you want to trim along the right edge to the tabs that will be around $.75.