I’m so excited to start reading and applying the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People with all of you!  Here is the schedule as a digital reference.  Fill out the form to have the pdf emailed to you to print off.

Download the Reading Schedule for 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Please join us at the facebook group to join in the discussion.  I want to hear about your experiences in developing the habits!  I will be sharing links to related blog posts from ajacksonfamily.com about my experiences incorporating the 7 Habits and Madeline will be sharing links from her blog as well there. 

If you are interested in following along on instagram check out @madelinecasey_ and @ajacksonfamily

Summer Book Group Links

Audible Membership – Select to get a free trial, choose TWO free books (7 habits of Highly Effective People would be my recommendation to listen for our summer book group!).  You can cancel your membership and still have access to your books, so it is a great alternative to reading a physical copy this summer.
Thriving in Motherhood Facebook Group – Please join to be part of the ongoing book group conversations.  We want to hear and learn from you!  Please invite anyone that you think would be interested to join as well.  This is a closed group for privacy as we share our experiences but all mothers are welcome.