Do you ever have problems sleeping because your mind is racing? For me it is a sure sign I’m overwhelmed. In this episode I talk about the 5 steps I use to face the overwhelm head on and create space and calm in my brain.

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Key Points from this Episode:

Steps I take when I’m feeling overwhelmed:

  1. Recognize that I’m feeling overwhelmed. Usually this means I can’t sleep because my mind is racing.
  2. Brain dump everything in my head. Either mind map or just write it out in a list.
  3. Categorize my brain dump into three areas: single tasks (quick wins!), projects (multiple steps to complete), to research (need to learn more before I know what my next step is).
  4. Tackle a few quick wins to build momentum
  5. Identify the one or two pressing projects causing my stress and focus on them

After a week or two of working on these pressing projects I’m ready for a long term planning session.

From the Episode

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