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In this episode, I talk about Survival Mode and how that does not need to stop us from thriving even while we are in the midst of it. I share some of my personal life in the middle of full blown survival mode (surgery and recovery, moving, home-buying, etc.) and how the things I’ve discovered over the past five years adjusted my thinking and got me ready for the things I could prepare for.

During this round of struggles, I tried to step away from the worry. I instead asked myself “What is in my circle of influence?” and “What is the next step?” to myself and to God in order to find focus to prep while I was able. I used friends as sounding-boards and got to work on my next actions that were within my circle of influence. I learned to walk away from a project when there was no Next Action and move on to another task – and feel totally fine about that.

Recognizing our growth in the moment of struggle disarms fear, frustration, and anger. We instead can celebrate “Look how much we’re learning!” Having a little bit of heads up for survival circumstances before we were in the midst of it allowed me to take some responsibility and ask for help when I knew I would need it.

Gratitude has provided the power to pull myself out of any pity feelings I might feel for myself in these rough circumstances. Choosing to practice gratitude lets me offer a smile to those around me. Even when I’m “sick mom,” I can still help lift spirits and find moments of joy. I’m deciding to be proud of what we have done rather than feeling guilty that I’m not at full functioning levels. Remembering that God’s opinion of me is all that really matters has helped me keep perspective on the things that really matter most. Keeping prayer central to my recovery has allowed me to see God in the details of my life.

We’ve already been through a whole lot of hard. We’ve already learned from a whole lot of hard. We can take the knowledge that we’ve gained from doing the hard to help us know that we can make it through the next hard.

We don’t have it all figured out. Hard is still hard. But that’s okay. Hard is not wrong. That doesn’t mean it’s the wrong path.

If you are not currently in Survival Mode, great! That gives you the chance to look outward and understand how you can better serve others who might be. Prayers and paper products can lift others in ways you cannot imagine. We are all in this trying world together, and together we can help each other thrive!


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Endure by Alex Hutchinson

A Home Where the Spirit of the Lord Dwells by Henry B. Eyring

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