Today I’m talking about why I don’t stress about homeschooling and how I do that. There are some very practical tips and some thoughts that I have that help me not totally freak out.

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Key Points from this Episode:

  • There are going to be interruptions, so plan for them!
  • Make food accessible to all your kids that they can reach and take care of those needs on their own. Keep carrots on the bottom shelf in the fridge. Make triple batches of muffins and keep them in the freezer.
  • Have special toys like play dough or animals from the dollar store that get pulled out for younger kids during the school hours so they can be happy while you work with the older kids.
  • If you’re using manipulatives with older kids, have enough for the youngers to play with the same kind. If your older kids are using notebooks, have one for your youngers to color in and use during the same time. This lets them feel included in what you are already doing.
  • One of my favorite things about homeschooling is that it allows for the kids to be intentionally involved in the daily household life. I wanted them to have time to help with the dishes, laundry, food prep, etc. We work that into our day and it’s part of school for us!
  • It’s hard to take the time to teach them the household tasks, but it’s an investment in the future for all of us.
  • Make a clipboard (see resources below) with the have-tos for your kids so you aren’t the one always dictating what’s happening next. Directing to the clipboard makes it one boundary to keep rather than needing to keep boundaries separately for math, and reading, and handwriting, and a chore, etc.
  • Find a system for your papers and notebooks and pencils and pens. I like having one bucket just for notebooking (century and nature in resources below) with the notebooks and writing utensils for that activity that stays out of reach until we are notebooking again.
  • We lock away a lot of our homeschool materials as a training tool to help kids understand that not everything is available all the time.
  • Homeschool is not about school. It’s about a lifestyle.
  • Choose curriculum that fits the priorities you have for your kids! (see below for what I use with my kids)
  • Trust that the child is a whole person! They have everything they need to be able to become who they are. Our job is to help cultivate the room to grow. We can’t choose the timing. Take a breath and know it’ll be okay!
  • I don’t feel responsible for creating all these activities that go with homeschooling or all of these amazing experiences. I create space that lets them play out and explore the things that really caught their attention.
  • Trust that time is a great teacher. Trust that space is a great teacher.
  • What do you love? Do more of that. What do you not love? Why? Do less of that. Problem solve! What can I do to make this easier on myself?
  • It’s going to be messy and that’s okay!
  • Build in some structure so the kids can help with the household stuff so you can have some time for things you want to do too.


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